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Administrative and office services

Administrative services are part of every business. Those companies that are focused on their own creation and development need organized administration and operational services.

Our greatest qualities are: responsibility, care, reliability, accuracy, organizational skills.

We offer you a turnkey service or only part of the services that the company needs, but does not have enough capacity for. We can perform the work at your company's headquarters or at ours, by agreement.

You can entrust us with work such as:

  • review and edit of your e-mail and classic mail,
  • editing and archiving business documentation, 
  • ordering office supplies,
  • editing records and ordering medical examinations, occupational safety and fire safety,
  • editing personnel records,
  • typing and editing texts, composing and sending letters, estimates, offers, order forms, etc.
  • typing records of meetings, seminars, conferences, tape recordings,
  • faxing, scanning and photocopying of documents,
  • preparation and implementation of payment transactions (e-bank),
  • preparation and dispatch of issued invoices, proforma invoices,
  • preparation and dispatch of reminders for overdue unpaid claims,
  • preparation of travel orders,
  • organization and order of business gifts, business events, team building,
  • communication with buyers, suppliers and competent institutions,
  • reconciliation of claims and liabilities with business partners,
  • organization of the business directory and contacts,
  • preparation and editing the database,
  • introduction of the ISO 9001:2015 quality system and annual certification,
  • creation of spreadsheets and records,
  • online queries – searching for information in words and images,
  • preparation and delivery of documentation for accounting or other business partners,
  • help in arranging the company's website, logo, e-mail,
  • production of flyers, commercials and promotion of the company on social networks,
  • preparation and processing of texts and content, translation into English or Croatian language,
  • preparation of presentations in Power Point,
  • production of invitations and greetings for various occasions,
  • other administrative and office services at the client's request..

MOLJ Engineering
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